Areas of law

Economic Crimes

Fraud (investment and credit fraud), insurance fraud, embezzlement, extortion, theft, money counterfeiting

Subsidies Fraud

In particular, current unlawful claiming of Corona subsidies or short-time working allowance

employers criminal liabilites

Fictitious self-employment (dependent contracting), moonlighting, illegal employment / hiring out of employees, withholding of social security contributions

customs offences

Import turnover tax, customs evasion, infringement of the tariff laws, smuggling, tax evasion and falsification of tax stamps

Tax Offences

Value added tax, tax audit and reassessment, municipal business tax

Corruption and Bribery

Bribery and corruption in business transactions or of public officials, acceptance and granting of benefits, OLAF proceedings

Criminal Insolvency Law

Late or third-party filing of insolvency, frequently accompanied by allegations of fraud and forgery of documents, bankruptcy, breach of accounting duties, fraudulent preference of creditors / debtors.

Money Laundering

Concealment of unlawfully obtained assets, favouritism, receiving stolen goods

Cyber Crime

In the strict sense (industrial espionage, computer fraud, falsification of data) and in the general sense (fraud, etc. committed digitally)

Criminal Competition Law

Violation of the Law against Unfair Competition and the Copyright Act, Agreements Restricting Competition in Tenders, Bribery and Corruption in Business Transactions and in the Health Care Sector

Data Protection Law

Defence against fines pursuant to Art. 83 and 84 EU GDPR, in particular for breaches of Art. 4, 5 and 6 EU GDPR

International Legal Assistance

Extradition and transit, enforcement and conversion of foreign judgments, European Investigation Order, audio-visual interrogations, Cyber Crime Convention

European Arrest Warrants

Client in Germany: Representation in Germany against an arrest warrant from a foreign EU country and coordination with foreign colleagues

Client in other EU countries: support and coordination with foreign colleagues in the arrest warrant proceedings and representation in Germany in the course of the criminal proceedings

Administrative Offences

In particular for violations of the AÜG, GWG, BImschG, UWG, EU-DSGVO, tax code, antitrust law and many more

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