Legal representation and defence

The management of a company can quickly be confronted with criminal charges. But the company itself can also be the focus of (criminal) investigations. It is advisable, therefore, to defend the interests of the company and of the management independently by qualified lawyers.

Fines and other sanctions

Many German laws (BImSchG, GWG, AÜG, EU-DSGVO, etc.) not only formulate clear requirements for actions by companies and individuals, they all also provide for sanctions in the event of a violation. The company as a whole can be sanctioned (§§ 30 and 130 OWiG) for the misconduct of individuals.

Asset forfeiture

Whether on the basis of a fine or as a so-called third party in criminal proceedings: Companies can be obliged to repay the "profit" of a criminal offence (e.g. by the management). Since this confiscation (§§ 73 ff StGB) has been considerably expanded, an early representation of the company's interests has become even more important!

Preventive counselling

Advising the management or supervisory bodies in their decision making on how to avoid criminal / compliance risks


Planning and conducting the investigations, in general by enlisting the the help of the necessary experts (IT experts, auditors, etc.).

Business partner due diligence

Particularly when entering into new business relationships, it is advisable, and in some cases even obligatory, to inform oneself in advance about the business partner, its owners and representatives. Depending on the industry and the content of the contract, special emphasis must be placed on the review.


Consulting on the introduction, expansion or review of compliance management systems (CMS). Specialised in criminal compliance: prevention of fraud, money laundering and corruption (FCPA)


Advise on the requirements and content of a training program to ensure it meets compliance requirements. Additionally we offer trainings on legal topics.

transnational representation

Contact person for German law and coordinator in international proceedings

police raids

(only in the Rhine-Main area) Immediate attendance to ensure the preservation of rights and procedures and a frictionless process, examination and filing of appeals.

Corporate Criminal Law

Implementing policies and procedures with regard to the legislative project and representation and defence in the event of legal proceedings.


Receiving and forwarding reports as part of a corporate whistleblower system

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